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Herbal Weight Loss Product

Herbal Weight Loss Product



Bhadradanti (Jatropha Multifida), Haritki (Terminalia Chebula), Pashanbhed (Coleus Aromaticus), Babuna (Matricaria Chamomilla), Katha (Acacia Catechu), Kulthi (Dolichos Biflorus), Chandras (Veteria Indica), Jwasa (Alhagi Maurorum), Bair (Zizyphus Jujuba), Laksha (Cocus Lacca), Babool (Acacia Arabica Wild), Piplamool (Piper longum), Gurlu (Coix Lachryma), Kaligiri (Vernonia Anthelmintica), Chitrak (Plumbags Zeylanica), Samudra Shosh (Argyreia Speciosa)

Direction of Use

These product work better in presence of diet control and exercises. Consume one capsule thrice a day daily with water to see good effects. Maintain regularity and discipline during the course for better results.


Figura products

Figura are herbal slimming products which provide fast weight loss in healthy manner. These herbal weight loss products do not cause weakness and debilities but instead keep a person energized and improve stamina and strength. The herbs present in these supplements are potent remedies for enhancing fat metabolism and burn it to produce energy. This stops fat deposition and improve energy levels.

Natural Weight Loss Products

Figura natural slim products for weight loss enhance flow of blood and increase rate of fat conversion into lean muscles. Body due to healthy blood flow is able to reach difficult areas like abdomen, waist etc. and dissolve deposited fat. These grow muscle mass which further increases fat burn to fulfil energy requirements.

Figura product cleanse digestive tract, improve hormonal secretion, supplement enzymes and increase enzymatic activities, bile secretion and release of digestive fluids. These regulate healthy eating pattern and eliminate toxins to suppress untimely, excessive hunger. These also generate tissue at faster pace and improve protein synthesis to grow muscles and keep organs healthy.

Some of the herbs used in these herbal weight loss product keep blood purified and supplement powerful antioxidants to slowdown process of ageing and keep person active and energized.

Key Features

  • Provide slimmer body naturally and in healthy manner quickly. Improve muscle mass and energy levels, and cleanse internal organs and tissues and keep digestive system free of toxins. These pills to get slim quickly generate tissues at faster pace and grow endurance of organs of the body.
  • Dissolve fat from difficult areas like thighs, buttocks, abdomen, waist and flanks to provide shapely and curvy physique. It treats digestive disorders, regulates hunger pattern, improves colon functions and promotes release of digestive fluids and enzymes and hormones.
  • These pills are powerful anti-ageing and improve energy and stamina along with looks of a person. Work for people unable to exercise regularly and leading physically inactive lifestyle.



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