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Montmorency cherry and beetroot PLUS

CherryBeet combines beetroot powder and extract (10:1), with Montmorency (sour) cherry powder and extract (10:1), to provide a concentrated formula - 4500mg per capsule.

Ashwagandha Botanical Complex

Ashwagandha Botanical Complex is a synergistic combination of herbs, roots, reishi mushroom and vitamins, formulated to combat stress and adrenal fatigue, while also supporting the immune system, energy levels, mental performance and a general sense of calm, focus and vitality.

Turbo Brain v1 (TBN60) caps

Turbo Brain is a super-concentrated, powerful food supplement for the brain - a natural nootropic and nutritional cognitive enhancer. And more!


P-Cleanse is a broad-spectrum gastrointestinal cleanse and detoxification formula, designed to support a balanced lower digestive tract and protect against internal parasites, worms and other harmful micro-organisms.

InternaCALM v3 (SAB30) caps

A high-strength Saccharomyces boulardii probiotic yeast with 5 billion cfu organisms per capsule, plus added olive leaf extract, vitamin D3 and biotin.

HempNourish v2 (HPP500) powder

HempNourish protein powder provides complete, balanced and natural protein from hemp seed, as well as a range of phyto-nutrients from nutritious superfoods and herbs.

Happy-Flex v3 (HF60) caps

Happy-Flex Combination has been formulated to provide a tailored combination of glucosamine HCL, methylsulphonylmethane (MSM), vitamin C and other herbal and food-based ingredients, including:

MEALtime (Chocolate Flavour Shake)

A dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan meal shake and non-GM soya isolate protein powder that has been fortified with vitamins and minerals.

Herbal Appetite Suppressant Product

Slim-N-Trim capsules are herbal appetite suppressant pills which provide effective weight loss in healthy manner. These supplements work naturally and cleanse internal digestive system.

RiceNourish (Chocolate Flavour)

RiceNourish (Chocolate Flavour) is a protein powder blend that enhances the user's daily diet, with not only high levels of complete and balanced plant protein, but also dietary fibre and herbs.

Sea and Soil organic

Sea & Soil is a powerful all-in-one alkalising, cleansing, detoxification and daily nourishment formula, which combines the best of nutrient-dense foods from both the sea and Earth’s soil.

MEALtime - vanilla v5 (SN049) pdr

A dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan meal shake and non-GM soya isolate protein powder that has been fortified with vitamins, minerals and fibre.


THERMOthin is a thermogenic fat metaboliser and herbal weight management supplement, which supports the body's natural fat burning processes, along with the feeling of fullness,

WheyNourish (Vanilla Flavour)

A premium quality vanilla flavoured whey protein powder, derived from a blend of concentrate and isolate - NO artificial colours or sweeteners.

Herbal Weight Loss Product

Figura capsules are herbal slimming pills which provide fast weight loss in healthy manner. These herbal weight loss pills do not cause weakness and debilities but instead keep a person energized and improve stamina and strength

GreeNourish Complete v2 (SN105) organic pdr

GreeNourish Complete is no ordinary green shake - this Soil Association organic, high-fibre combination contains 35 green foods, vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs, sprouts, mushrooms and seeds plus bio-active enzymes -


WATERgo is a gentle, yet effective combination of concentrated herbals and nutrients, designed to support healthy fluid levels in the body.

Green Coffee Bean EXTREME

Green Coffee Bean EXTREME is a high-strength, natural slimming formula. It contains green coffee bean extract (20:1) derived from "raw" unroasted coffee beans,

Garcinia Cambogia Complex v2 (SN006) caps

Garcinia Cambogia Complex is a combination food supplement and “carb blocker”, with a range of specialist weight management ingredients

Dietary Fibre Complex

Dietary Fibre Complex is a multi-fibres blend, providing 513mg of dietary fibre per capsule. The high-quality fibre is derived from psyllium husk, flaxseed, sugar beet, prune juice, fig fruit, rhubarb, pectin and other naturally high-fibre foods and herbs.

Collagen Ultra Beauty

Collagen is an important complex protein in the body that provides structural integrity to key areas such as the skin, hair, nails, bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, teeth, gums and blood vessels.

Advanced Immunity Spectrum

We have created a specific new immunity formula in response to the worldwide pandemic, in order to help people to simultaneously boost their immune system and fight off infection - both during this time of need and going forward.

1X Dark Roast Coffee 12 OZ BAG

Low Acid, Delicious Coffee

Herbal Slimming Products for Men and Women

InstaSlim capsules are herbal slimming pills that are made of powerful herbs with appetite suppressing and fat burning properties.

1X Caramel Macchiato Medium Roast Coffee 12 OZ BAG

Your favorite coffee shop drink with out the calories and sugar! The perfect pairing of sweet caramel with a hint of vanilla combined with our Premium Single Origin beans.


The darkest roast we have. Able to withstand milk and sugar (Lattes anyone?) Individual hand selection Your cup of Lifeboost Premium Espresso dark roast Coffee comes from coffee beans that have been individually hand selected as the premium bean(s) of a harvest. Your coffee beans...

1X French Vanilla Medium Roast Coffee 12 OZ BAG

A passionate kiss of French vanilla enchants perfectly with our Premium Lifeboost Coffee beans, resulting in a bright, cheery brew!

1X Highlander Grogg Coffee 12 OZ BAG

Delicious Highlander Grogg Medium Roast A true crowd pleaser, Highlander Grogg combines the rich and decadent flavor of butter with a sweet caramel and a hint of nut, finished off with the delicious flavor of vanilla and rum

1X Light Roast Coffee 12 OZ BAG

Taste the true flavor of our Premium Lifeboost Coffee bean. Light roastings are brighter, a tad more acidic and allow you to taste the flavor notes of the coffee.

1X Pumkin Spice Coffee 12 OZ BAG

Your cup of Lifeboost Premium Pumpkin Spice Coffee comes from coffee beans that have been individually hand selected as the premium bean(s) of a harvest.

1X Hazelnut Medium Roast Coffee 12 OZ Bag

1 Bag of our Hazelnut coffee. Mmmmm...Rich, toasted hazelnuts with our specialty Lifeboost medium roast coffee beans is truly a match made in heaven! A creamy, satisfying flavor that's perfect as an afternoon treat.

1X Medium Roast Coffee 12 OZ Bag

This coffee was, by far, the best tasting coffee I've ever purchased. What is even better, therefore even better for us. We are really enjoying it. I also gave a bag to my Grandson for his birthday as he has been trying different coffees other than those in the markets.

ProBio MAX 30 caps

ProBio MAX is a practitioner-strength, multi-strain probiotic supplement with 20 billion friendly bacteria per capsule - equivalent to 40 pots of probiotic yoghurt, but without the added sugar, dairy and fat.

Multi-Flora ProBio

Multi-Flora ProBio is a high-strength, multi-strain probiotic supplement with 4 billion friendly bacteria per capsule - equivalent to 8 pots of probiotic yoghurt, but without the added sugar, dairy and fat.

MaxNourish organic v2 (MSFO) caps

MaxNourish is a comprehensive a Soil Association certified organic whole food supplement, with some of the most nutrient-dense ingredients that nature has to offer:

L-Glutamine v1 (SN0181) powder

Glutamine is one of the 20 amino acids, or “building blocks” of protein. It is a vital molecule that our body stores in the bloodstream and converts into glucose (blood sugar) when it is needed.

InternaCALM v3 (SAB30) caps

A high-strength Saccharomyces boulardii probiotic yeast with 5 billion cfu organisms per capsule, plus added olive leaf extract, vitamin D3 and biotin.

Gut-Buddies Infantis

Gut-Buddies Infantis Complex (previously called Kids Gut Buddies) is a child-specific probiotic supplement in tasteless powder form, suitable for babies and children of all ages. It comes in easy-to-administer 1g sachets.

CherryBeet v2 (BRMC60) caps

CherryBeet combines beetroot powder and extract (10:1), with Montmorency (sour) cherry powder and extract (10:1), to provide a concentrated formula - 4500mg per capsule.

Antarctic Krill Oil v2 (KO60) gel caps

Antarctic Krill Oil (Euphausia superba) is a natural source of high concentration omega 3 oil, the powerful antioxidant astaxanthin, as well as high levels of phospholipids - a fundamental component of human cell membranes.

Fibre and Full v4 (SN040) powder

Fibre & Full is an all-in-one dietary fibre based colon cleanser, detoxification and weight loss supplement in a tasty, easy-to-take powder form - a natural solution for constipation, body waste cleansing

NaturaC v1 (SS360) caps

NaturaC is a combination, food state vitamin C supplement, derived from some of nature’s richest sources of this essential vitamin and antioxidant: Acerola cherries, rosehips, blackcurrants, parsley leaf and elderberries.

Acai Immuno Defence

Acai Immuno Defence is a high-potency formulation, which combines Brazilian freeze-dried acai berry powder and extract with a range of other beneficial ingredients, including vitamins, minerals and herbs

Apple Cider Vinegar Complex

This food supplement has been formulated with a specialist blend of synergistic herbs and nutrients. Each capsule combines 400mg of apple cider vinegar powder with cayenne, ginger root, turmeric, green tea leaf, organic black pepper and chromium.


MENOstage is a traditional herbal combination, designed to help relieve symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome, hormonal imbalance and the menopause.

ImmunoBiotic Complex

ImmunoBiotic Complex is a potent UK-made 5 strain, live bacteria supplement (from a 10 billion CFUs source powder), in easy to take capsules.

Turmeric Herbal Combo

Turmeric root powder has been long used by Ayurvedic medicine as a basic "heal all" and anti-inflammatory.

Omega 3-6-9

Omega 3-6-9 Oils provides a carefully blended combination of these healthy fats (high in EPA and DHA), balanced to optimal levels of each to ensure adequate intake of the essential polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids.

Herbal Iron Deficiency

Iron is abundantly available on earth yet its deficiency in human body is one of the common health conditions. Strictly veggie people are at high risk of becoming iron deficient as body absorbs iron from veggie food sources slowly

Liver Clear

Liver Clear is a healthy liver support formula, with a combination of herbal extracts and powders, plus vitamins - choline, biotin, artichoke, garlic, burdock root, parsley leaf, N-Acetyl L- Cysteine, beetroot, liquorice root, Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), fennel seed, turmeric, ginger root, cayenne and dandelion root.

Multi-mushroom organic blend capsules

Multi-Mushroom Organic Complex is an organic mushroom immunity blend with Maitake, Reishi, Shiitake, Lion's Mane, Chaga PLUS Astragalus root, Acerola fruit and black pepper - all in one convenient capsule, providing important nutrients (such as vitamin C and vegan vitamin D) and active ingredients that are not found in other plants.

Nat-Lax TNT

Nat-Lax TNT is a fast-acting colon cleanser, designed for the chronically constipated in need of strong treatment for a blocked bowel. Purgatives have been combined with carminatives to prevent griping.


Oxy-Klenz is a powerful, yet gentle, non-habit forming colonics formula, with nutrients specifically selected to contribute to an increase in faecal bulk and normal bowel function.

Herbal Anti Inflammatory Oil for Joint Inflammation

oints can become weak and stiff due to overuse and repetitive movements, sudden jerk or pressure and lesser support can also disturb their alignment and cause cartilage damage to make them stiff, painful and swollen.

Herbal Arthritis Treatment to Reduce Joint Pain

Arthritis is common disorder which deteriorates health and strength of joints. There are over 100 different varieties of arthritis and most of these can affect men and women of any age-group

Herbal Osteoarthritis Treatment

Osteoarthritis occurs invariably in every individual after a certain age. This is also called as degenerative arthritis because it starts due to deteriorating bone strength and endurance. In many cases OA can occur much earlier in age.

Herbal Osteoarthritis Relief Oil

Osteoarthritis is also called as degenerative arthritis. Bones are not static organs. They regularly replace old and worn out tissues with fresh and new ones. Due to many reasons body slows down on production of bone tissues which can cause weakness in bones and make them thin.

Herbal Diabetes Control Supplements

Diabec capsules are herbal supplements for natural sugar control. These supplements possess highly beneficial herbs which on regular use even reduce intensity of diabetes.

Herbal Diabetes Pills

Diabgon capsules suppress side effects of the disease like frequent thirst, urination and urge to eat; these also prevent issues like pain in legs, and speed-up slow healing of wounds.

Herbal Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes is metabolic disorder which is for life. It cannot be treated out of body and person needs to live with it forever.

Herbal High Blood Pressure Treatment

High blood pressure is common disorder in all age-groups. Heart pumps blood with pressure so that it reaches all parts of the body, but when pressure of blood is consistently high than healthy limits for most part of the day it is classified as condition of hypertension or high blood pressure.

Herbal Sleep Aid Pills

These natural sleep aid pills provide restful sleep from sufficient duration and allow a person to fall asleep quickly. Bring sound undisturbed sleep for sufficient duration. Allow falling asleep easily and reduce REM sleep duration.

Herbal Weak Eyesight Treatment

Eyes are delicate organ and have fragile mechanism, these are also exposed to external environment and are shut only when person is asleep, due to all these reasons vision deteriorates every year after a certain age

Herbal Bone and Joint Health Supplements

Freeflex capsules are recommended to people suffering with bone disorders and joint problems. Joints are formed by bones, if bones are weak and fragile eventually joints also become weak and unstable,

Herbal Calcium Deficiency Treatment

Calcium is one of the most essential minerals required by the body. It is needed for various metabolic purposes and for keeping bones stronger. It also plays a crucial role in determining muscular endurance of a person.

Herbal Brain Enhancer Pills

BrainOBrain capsules are herbal brain enhancer pills which improve mental health of an individual. These supplements possess herbs which cleanse blood and supply higher nutrition and oxygen to brain cells.

Herbal Memory Enhancer Pills

Brahmpushpi capsules are natural memory enhancer pills that are made of powerful herbs with brain-enhancing properties.

Herbal Dietary Supplements for Men and Women

There are many issues that creep-up and affect energy, stamina, and vitality of a person. These issues can occur due to aging, poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle or due to stress.

Herbal Energy Booster Pills

Energy and stamina are dependent on sound health. As a person ages and stress in life increases regularity in diet, sleep and exercises miss-out. These factors create deficiencies, low energy production, and system malfunctions.

Herbal Energy Booster Pills for Men

Vital M-40 capsules are herbal energy booster pills for men made of powerful herbs and natural nutrients that help to boost male energy, stamina, and power.